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Alan Tan
Creative Director

Bachelor of Science in Tropical Horticulture, University of Hawaii

Alan Tan, Creative Director for Greencrafts & Design, is a multi-international awards winning designer. During his stint as Senior Deputy Director at the Singapore Botanic Gardens, Alan was responsible for curating the plant collections, overseeing the landscapes and many development projects. He was also an integral member of the team that helped the Gardens to be inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Through his course of work, Alan artistic flair for garden and landscape design can be seen in many areas of the Singapore Botanic Gardens. His landscaping skills featured in many garden and flower shows where he has contributed design in several exhibitions and shows including the Skyrise Gardens Exhibitions, Singapore International Orchid Show 1995, Singapore Orchid Festival 2003 and the Singapore Bloom 2004.

Alan has won Gold Medals in the International Display Category at the World Orchid Conference 2005 in Dijon, France and World Orchid Conference 2008 in Miami, Florida. He was the appointed Creative Director for Singapore Garden Festival, one of the top Flower and Garden Shows in the world, from 2008 to 2014.

For his work in Public Service, he was awarded the Commendation Medal, National Day Award 2008 and the Public Service Administration Medal (Bronze), National Day Award 2014.