ING Satellite CityCambodia

The largest development in Cambodia and one of the largest in the South East Asia region, ING city encompasses 2,572 hectares. This project focuses on developing into an eco-city district; to overcome urban water crisis and to create livable cities. We assist in the landscape for the skeleton network of the area; the main roads, entrances and bridges. In considering the broader, municipal network of rivers around the area, we propose to bring in the 'water' into some of the entrances' design in a bid to strengthen the connection between the natural environment and the urban platter. 

Plant designs and choices will take into account not only the beautification of the area, but also the ecological aspect. They will help in creating green corridors among the urban environment for the wildlife as well as to improve the quality of life for residents through the use of nature and improvement of water cleansing infrastructure. 

Completion Date:
Project by Greencrafts & Design