Singapore Garden Festival 2016

Balcony Garden
Project Name
Pining for Childhood
Gold Award

  • This heartwarming balcony garden is designed and dedicated to the designer's childhood friend. The pair grew up together in a small village and the designer's childhood friend was brought up by his grandparents. Back then, he woke up to birds chirping, to grandma's humming of her favourite tunes on the radio and to the aroma of Pandan leaves that dotted his dining hall. He enjoyed cycling in the village to feel the breeze on his skin. At night, he would stargaze at the hilltop.
  • Following his parents' footsteps, he left for the city to work. The fast-paced urban life made him miss the peace and tranquility he had in the village. All these lifetime memories and unforgettable moments are now recaptured and reflected in his own little balcony garden. 
3m x 3m
Completion Date:
Project by Greencrafts & Design

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